Gray Madness

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Soul Eater

Re-creation of Dark Souls engine with ability to import data from Dark Souls 1:PtD, 2:SotFS and 3.

After verifying importing code (probably inside Unity3D), reworking will begin.

Notable changes:
  • IK Weapon animations
  • Better hitboxes
  • Own Matchmaking Server

Voxelite Github Logo

C++ re-imagination of Minecraft.

Most of us spend years with Minecraft and this is what we feel it should develop into.

When finished, Voxelite will support server-side modifications to allow each server to be its own and unique experience. Scripting will be done using JavaScript (probably using v8 engine) and rendered using Vulkan.


GoldSrc engine (Half-Life, Counter-Strike 1.6) re-implemented with Vulkan as its rendering engine.

This project was made to learn Vulkan (thanks to, running on similar backend code as Voxelite. It also needs to re-implement BspLib (old C# library with Unity3D version) in C++.

MineBreak Github Logo

This is not GrayMadness project but some of our members are working on this project.

The project is Czech-only.

Minecraft server-wide GameMode implemented in Java as plugin for Spigot server, bringing JailBreak from Counter-Strike servers to Minecraft. Every Sunday, there is a Twitch Stream showcasing changes and allowing players to come and join (usually at least 1 full server, 40 prisoners + 8 guards).